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Mini Thai Yoga Sessions
Mini Thai Yoga Sessions

Sun, Dec 04


Grace Tree Yoga Studio

Mini Thai Yoga Sessions

Join 1028 HR Certified Thai Yoga Therapist, Alex Ryberg, for an Ayurvedic Thai Yoga session. Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Therapy is like receiving chiropractic work, acupuncture, yoga, energy healing, and Ayurvedic balancing — in one session. 45 minute session - $70 (value $90).

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Time & Location

Dec 04, 2022, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Grace Tree Yoga Studio, 8933 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069, USA

About the event

Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy (often called ‘Thai Massage’) is one of the core branches of Thai Ayurvedic Medicine. As a form of bodywork, it combines several techniques together into a singular flowing, hands-on session – bringing balance to the whole person.

One session alone consists of deep, assisted stretching; energy healing and chakra balancing; acupressure and marma therapy; structural decompression and remobilization techniques; integrated breath coaching, and more.

The work does not target structural and spinal corrections specifically like a chiropractor does, instead the corrections are spontaneous, in direct response to deep release of tension within the entire musculoskeletal system from full-body, repetitive, rhythmic pressure.

Instead of using needles to increase circulation along energy lines — thumbs, palms, feet, and sometimes elbows are used (as every person is also a conduit for energy, or vital life force).

The deep assisted stretching and intelligent body mechanics create the same experience as taking a yoga class, and even takes the receiver deeper into their edge.

Pacing, quality of pressure, and emphasis on different areas of the body help bring all the Ayurvedic five elements to balance – reducing ailments related to imbalance. (For example, if there is too much earth and water in the body, the pacing will be fast, and the pressure will be lighter/frictional to break up the density and congestion.)

As a comprehensive healing art, Thai Yoga Therapy is great for:

  • Rest, relaxation, stress relief
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Alleviating depression, anxiety, and fear
  • Releasing unprocessed emotions & trauma
  • Reducing sinus & ear infections, colds, allergies
  • Respiratory issues, asthma, other bronchial diseases
  • Reducing pain, inflammation, swelling, edema
  • Stimulating and regulating digestion/metabolism
  • Increasing mobility and range of Motion
  • Detoxifying soft tissue and flushing toxins
  • Lymph drainage and increased circulation
  • Energy balancing and chakra balancing
  • Increased circulation in meridians and sen lines
  • Enhanced breath capacity and pranayama development
  • Releasing psychosomatic patterns in the body
  • Deepening the connection to spirit and higher self
  • Developing a healthy sense of self worth
  • Enhancing self awareness and heart-centered living

Schedule your session today to experience this multifaceted healing modality for yourself!

The clinic will be open from Noon to 4 pm, with only FOUR forty-five minute sessions available.

These sessions are a condensed, shortened version of a general ninety-minute to two-hour session, and will meet you exactly where you’re at. If there is a specific ailment, or area of focus you want support in, the session will be personalized to do just that.

Sessions are only $70. (Normally valued at $90.)

For your session: Please wear yoga and/or loose fitted, comfortable clothing – no wire bras, cargo pants, jeans, or belts. Avoid eating at least one hour beforehand.  Please note: sessions take place on a thick mat, on the floor.


Alex Ryberg is an Intuitive Healer, Advanced Thai Yoga Therapist & Training Instructor, Transformational Guide, Spiritual Entrepreneur, and Integrative Yoga Teacher (specializing in Yin, Hatha Yoga, and Pranayama) offering Holistic Mind-Body Healing, Immersive Yoga Experiences, and Empowerment Coaching to the greater Cincinnati area and beyond. She has been involved in the yoga and wellness industry within Cincinnati for eleven years, curating a diverse range of yoga, wellness, and self development offerings, including a Music, Yoga, Permaculture and Arts Festival called ‘Pollination Fest’ that operated for three consecutive years. In addition, Alex has trained over one hundred fellow Thai Yoga Therapists within Cincinnati and throughout the United States. As a multi-faceted practitioner and spiritual entrepreneur, Alex offers a variety of services and programs including private holistic therapy and bodywork, yoga classes and retreats, and empowerment life and business coaching for fellow yogis, healers, and seekers. Currently Alex is the founder of the Northside Wellness Collective, a center for holistic practitioners that serves the Northside Community in Cincinnati. In her private therapy practice, Alex brings her in-depth knowledge and experience in Thai Yoga Therapy, Psychosomatics, Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, and EFT to help her clients transform their bodies, minds, and lives.  She blends her interests in esoteric teachings such as fourth way psychology, energy healing, astrology, human design, intuition, manifestation and mediumship into her offerings, and brings a deep sense of compassion and empathy (with a dose of play) to the people she works with.


Instagram: @alex_ryberg

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