About Us

In order to keep Grace Tree a safe and secure space, we have a safety policy in place.


While our studio front door will remain open prior to your class beginning, the secondary doorway into the studio will remain locked until 15 minutes prior to class start time. If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes, please feel free to relax in the front entry room.


This secondary doorway will also be locked at class start time, so please plan accordingly to arrive on time as much as you can.

We do not allow weapons of any sort, including guns, on our premises. 

We appreciate your cooperation!


Arrive on time.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class start time, giving yourself the time needed to check in, put away your personal items, roll out your mat, and gather any props you’ll need for class.

At Grace Tree, we suggest that you arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class time in order to hold space for the teacher to set up for class, as well as keep the studio quiet for any other classes that might be in progress. We do keep our studio entry locked prior to class to ensure this quiet environment. You may still enter through the main front door if you arrive earlier than 15 minutes, in which you can take some time to sit and relax before the studio entry door is opened.


Remove your shoes when you arrive.

Yoga is traditionally practiced with bare feet and you'll find that most yoga studios prefer that shoes be put away near the studio entrance upon arrival.

By removing your shoes before entering the studio, you’re not only helping keep mud, water and debris out of the studio, but it is also a sign of respect for the space. We know that winter months can be cold on your feet, so socks are always welcomed to be worn prior to practice. 


Be mindful towards yourself and others.

Remember, you’re coming to yoga for yourself and not anyone else.

Competing with others, negative attitudes, or gossip are best left elsewhere. We are not a gym environment, so excessive grunting, comparing yourself to others, showing off or creating competition with other yogis is not encouraged at our studio. 


Inform your teacher about any injuries.

Some of our yoga teachers offer physical adjustments throughout class, which could allow you to experience a deeper stretch into a pose or assisting you in correcting a misalignment, which would prevent potential injury.

If you’re recovering from an injury, are feeling unwell, or prefer not to be adjusted, please inform your teacher before class begins. Your teacher wants to be informed so that they know to modify or assist (or not assist) in the best way that serves you, so please let them know.



It may seem like common sense, but before you arrive, please be mindful of your personal hygiene and use a clean yoga mat and a clean towel. 

We also ask that you abstain from wearing heavy perfumes, oils, and colognes. Connecting to your breath is a foundation of the yoga practice, so we want to be mindful of students who may have any allergies to artificial as well as naturally produced scents and fragrances.


With that being said, some of our teachers do use incense or essential oils in their classes. We use natural, clean and pure incense and oils, however, if you have an allergy or asthma, please inform the teacher so that they can adjust in order to make the class accessible to you.


Leave your phones and devices outside of class.

Most likely, you're coming to yoga class to escape the everyday pressures of being constantly connected to your devices. 

It is not often we disconnect from these distractions, and yoga is an amazing way to calm and clear the mind from them.


For this reason, we kindly ask that you leave your phones and devices behind and outside of yoga class. Even placing the phone on silent can be distracting, if you are feeling the need to check it for a message or call. If you are expecting an important phone call, please be mindful and consider taking a class in a time frame that works better for you.


Hold space for yourself and others.

When you unroll your mat, please be considerate and leave enough space for your practice, as well as others.

Lining your mat up in the same direction as the other students' mats will also allow for optimum space for everyone. Sometimes, a class can become quite full; if a student comes into class and is looking for a place to unroll their's, please adjust and welcome them into the space. 


Be mindful of conversation before and after class.

We of course love that our students have found friendships at Grace Tree! It's only natural to want to talk to your friends when you see them, but we just ask that you be mindful as you do so.

Our walls are not soundproofed and often times, there will be another class in the neighboring room that is either beginning or wrapping up while yours is doing so. A yoga studio is considered a sacred space for reflection and peace. Maintaining a quiet atmosphere in the studio supports this frame of mind. If you come into class and you see your friends, by all means, say hello, but keep in mind the volume of your voice. Your fellow students across the hall resting in their savasana will appreciate your mindfulness!


Practice Ahimsa (non-harming, non-violence).

At Grace Tree, we practice the principle of “ahimsa”, or non-harming, non-violence.

Therefore, please be respectful of the teachers as we are respectful to you. We ask that space is held for the teacher as they teach class. Instructing another student, getting up to adjust the temperature of the room, lights, music, doors, windows, etc can be disruptive and disrespectful to the other students, as well as the teacher.


Can’t stay for savasana? Leave before.

The benefits of savasana, or final resting pose, are beyond great. Savasana not only allows your body to slow back down, but it is also when the mind, body and soul begin to reap the benefits of your yoga practice.

Often, a teacher will offer a guided meditation at this time. It’s a moment of peace, for you to do nothing, if only for a few minutes. You'll get to close your eyes, focus on your breath, and feel the weight of your body as it melts into the floor.


We understand that sometimes, you might need to leave before this restorative practice. If you do need to leave early, let your teacher know before class, set yourself up close to the door, and be sure to leave before savasana begins. When it’s time to leave, pack up and leave as quietly as you can. Packing up and exiting during the most meditative and restful moment of the class disrupts everyone else, as well as the energy created, and also denies yourself the benefits.


Clean up.

If you’re borrowing the studio’s props, be sure to return them to their rightful place upon leaving. 

If you’re borrowing one of the studio’s mats, be sure to return it. Leaving your space as clean as you found it is respectful to the studio and students in later classes, as there are often classes scheduled back to back.  

Studio etiquette & safety