Meet Our Teachers

Our goal is to uplift your life journey with inspiration, education, and tools that create a holistic balance between mind, body and spirit and to assist you in finding the personalized inner healing you are looking for!

Nicole Levin

RYT 200

I began practicing yoga in 2001 while living in New York City.  A friend invited me to a class and I was hooked ever since.  Not only was I drawn to the physical practice of yoga but overtime I began to engage in the mental aspect of it. I was able to let my thoughts go and focus on my breath, thus entering a peaceful state of mind. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to practice yoga with many different instructors which has allowed me to grow in my practice and explore so many different facets of yoga.  I had always wanted to further my knowledge of the practice and to teach, therefor I went through yoga teacher training.  In 2012 I enrolled in Simply Power Yoga’s teacher training program where I got my 200 hours and I have been teaching since at various studios, clubs and private sessions.  I have completed numerous workshops with Baron Baptiste and participated in Leslie Kaminoff workshop on Re-Imagining Alignment: Theory and Practice. I have taught all ages from toddlers to adults and all levels from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners.


I feel yoga creates a great balance between the mind and the body.  It helps build strength and flexibility while finding some stillness and peace in the mind. Yoga gives a person a chance to stretch and strengthen their muscles leading to a better and healthier body. Yoga allows a person to just let go and flow through poses while connecting to their breathe.  Breathe being a key component in yoga.  Focusing on one’s breath allows a person to stay present thus gaining the most out of their yoga class.  It allows a person to pause in their everyday life and redirect their focus, ultimately strengthen the mind. Over time a person can see how strong their bodies have become. Teaching yoga gives me the opportunity to guide each individual through their practice which is a complete honor. They are giving me their time and energy to build something greater.


I live in Mason with my husband and 3 kids.  Prior to teaching yoga, I was an elementary school teacher.  I love to be outside whether it is gardening, hiking, skiing or just hanging out.

Jen Malloy



My wellness journey began when I first started practicing yoga after a lower back injury in 2010. From the moment I started, I noticed an amazing improvement in not only my flexibility, but also my anxiety, the quality of my breath, the way I reacted to things and how I viewed myself as well as the world around me. Since then, I have faced many physical and emotional challenges, including loss and grief, and surviving a cancerous sarcoma tumor in 2017. Yoga kept me going and it gave me reassurance to trust the process, to be in the present moment, and to be grateful for all that life has given me. 


In April of 2018, I became a yoga teacher through Grace Tree's yoga teacher training progam, White Lotus hOMe with Kim Dawes, and I have been teaching and coordinating yoga events ever since. In 2018, I became the brand ambassador for the Wanderlust yoga festival, as well as the Cincinnati lead coordinator for events and social media for The Beauty Boost, a community for women to come together and seek empowerment and wellness through fitness, retreats, and events. In December of 2018, I joined the Grace Tree steward team, becoming studio manager and creative director. As a yoga teacher, I want to bring yoga into the lives of others to help them heal and find peace, find hope where they may feel hopeless, and to regain their personal power. 

I teach vinyasa flow, vinyasa to yin, and lead guided meditations. I also have a strong interest in kundalini yoga and the subtle body energies. I love hosting events and traveling. I would love to travel more often, and I am welcoming any opportunities to do so!


When I'm not practicing or teaching yoga, I am also a designer and artist, a writer, and a photographer. Visually and creatively driven, I enjoy weaving creativity into just about everything that I do. I am obsessed with astrology, enjoy hiking and camping adventures, wandering the woods and exploring a quiet beach. I am fascinated by crystals and rocks, plant life and animal friends, and essential oils. You can also find me cooking up your favorite meals, making them vegan and delicious! I truly believe in the healing power of community. You can learn more about me at Yoga with Jen!


RYT500, Holistic Wellness, Mindfulness & Personal Trainer

Jill Conyers

I began practicing yoga in 2009 and quickly discovered that I had happened onto something very powerful that held the potential to be life changing. As I realized the transformative effects of yoga on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level, my mission and purpose became to share this phenomenon with others. In July of 2016, I received my 200-hour teaching certification and completed Aerial Yoga certification in September of 2018.


Inspired by my love of life, whole living and self-care, I am dedicated to meeting people where they are along the path to wellness and offering them opportunities to discover a more peaceful, healthy and happy life. As a psychologist, yoga teacher and Certified Personal Trainer, I weave together the physical practice, philosophy, inspiration and a love of music. I create classes to explore the postures and sequences that build strength and flexibility, encourage balance and challenge the body and the mind. 


I will challenge your boundaries, enliven your spirit and ignite your energy. My classes take you on a journey to bliss and peace in the stillness of Yin yoga, the strength or the energetic flow of Vinyasa to strengthen the body, enliven the soul and clear the mind. You will also experience mindful meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and the therapeutics of essential oils.


I’m also an RYT 200 teacher trainer, and I offer workshops, self care retreats and private yoga sessions. I am the founder of Jill Conyers | Yoga + Wellness for the Body and Mind at


"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” ~Marianne Williamson

Beverly Gorman



My yoga journey began in 1999, when I started taking a weekly class. A highlight in my yoga journey was taking Grace Tree’s first 200 hour teacher training. I completed the training in June 2013.  I am drawn to GT to continue nourishing myself.  I am currently pursuing my 500 hour teacher training at Grace Tree.


After finishing my 200 hour training, equipped with more knowledge and confidence, I began teaching two classes a week – one at my school and another at a small gym.  Yoga has taken such an important place in my life. Yoga has fostered my growth intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.  I am very grateful for my practice - it keeps me strong, grounded and purposeful.  I plan to practice yoga for the rest of my life.


It is with much excitement and gratitude that I continue teaching at my true home - Gracetree. 


Away from my mat, I am further blessed to be married to my witty husband Mark.  Kyle, is our amazing adult son.  In my spare time, I am a CASA (court appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children) volunteer.  I enjoy nature especially gardening and walking our yellow lab Beatrix.

Heather Hewitt

E-RYT200, RYT 500, YACEP, Reiki II


My journey through the world of yoga began in a community center while I was in high school, and the practice has been with me ever since. It’s presence in my life has changed, ebbed and flowed, been at times of greater importance than others, in other words it has evolved even as life itself took me on a roller-coaster ride.


After taking a Kripalu training through Cincinnati Yoga School more than a decade ago I began to teach and share the benefits of this fascinating practice. Whilst I have taught in a variety of locations, church schoolrooms, spas, and YMCA’s as well as private homes, I am honored to have found my home at Grace Tree.


I aspire to make my classes a safe place for self-inquiry and exploration, not only of the body through the practice of asana, but also of the mind. In the spirit of scientific investigation we observe our actions, whether physical or mental, in an unbiased manner to determine what is useful. What habits have we acquired that affect the way our bodies move, the way our minds think? It has taken each of us a lifetime to reach this point and we are perfectly adapted to the life we currently lead. We begin to question: what changes might benefit us? Do we need to work harder? Or surrender more? Be kinder? I teach a slower practice, the Yin class being the slowest of all. This is not necessarily “gentle” since this requires a presence, a mindful awareness at all times, an effort of concentration to stay focused. We begin to re-learn how we are actually moving the body, as well as how to relax the chattering mind.


Over the years I have been fortunate to have had access to many wonderful teachers, some well-known, some not so famous!  In 2019 I completed a 300hr training in aspects of Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga.

Antonia von Hirschberg

E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP, ShantiMom Certified, Reiki II

Yoga is a practice, a practice of living in a whole and peaceful way, a practice of balance, of ease, of mindfulness, of conscious breathing, and of moving the body in ways that contribute to good health and wellness.  Living in a yoga-inspired way is a continuous life-long practice.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio in 2013 and the 300-hour Svastha Yoga Therapeutic Essentials Program with Dr. Ganesh Mohan in 2019. I am Shanti Mom certified for teaching prenatal yoga. I completed a 12-hour teacher training immersion in restorative yoga in April 2017.


Following this training, Heather Hewitt and I developed an ongoing series of restorative yoga workshops called “The Art of Doing Nothing”, in which we encourage the use of props to support the restorative practice.


My teaching blends gentle yoga, meditation, restorative and yin, together with breath awareness, to create a safe and nurturing space for students to express themselves, discover their personal strengths, and leave feeling peaceful and balanced.

Kellie Pringle Rubenacker


I am a Certified 500 HR Yoga Teacher, Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) Practitioner and a Learning Consultant for a local Insurance Company.   I am currently studying Embodiyoga with Becky Morrissey and Lisa Clark.  I am also embarking on another training in 2018 to study Taoist yoga. I will be able to bring this perspective to my classes soon as well.  I have come to realize that what makes me truly happy is helping people and making a difference in their lives,  it is when doing this I feel most myself.  


I received my EPT certification in 2012.  As a patient of this healing I saw great strides very quickly in my outlook on life and connection to my true self.  I then found yoga and was IN LOVE!  It gave me a connection with my body that I had lost by sitting at a desk all day, every day.  Yoga has taught me how to relax, trust and forgive. That is what I strive to pass on to others.  My favorite classes to teach are Gentle Yoga with Pranayama (focused breath work) and meditation for that reason.  


I am still amazed with the person that I am evolving into.  Each day brings new awareness.   I am here to assist you in your own journey without judgment and with my whole being.  We are all just practicing to be human.  I am constantly learning from not only other teachers but also my students and will forever be a student myself. Namaste’!

Britney Rudolph

RYT200, Reiki II

My yoga journey began in 2013 when I started practicing while watching yoga movies in my home. Later a friend suggested that I come with her to a class at Grace Tree. I am so grateful for that invitation and for the beautiful safe space Grace Tree has become for me. Yoga has helped me to find peace within and self acceptance. It's a passion of mine that continues to grow daily. My love for yoga inspired me to want to share what I had found with others so I earned my 200hr RYT through Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio and White Lotus Home.


I believe in teaching yoga from the heart and I aim to help others practice self love and compassion; to focus on inviting positivity inward and loving your true self. During my classes we focus on using breath with movement as we move through gentle warm ups, twists, sun salutations, standing poses and finish with calming poses on the mat. We end in a restful shavasana, inviting peace in the stillness.


I am a wife to a supportive husband and mother of two sweet boys & two silly cats. I have lived in the Cincinnati area all of my life. I hope to meet you soon! Namaste!

Alicia Adkins


My journey to become a yoga teacher began one fateful day when I decided to try a class at Grace Tree Yoga Studio. I had always been interested in yoga and decided it was time to ventured out to find a studio (although, to be fair, taking my practice to a studio had a lot more to do with finding a quiet space to practice that didn’t involve getting a “Hot Wheels Massage” from my toddler during savasana). At Grace Tree, I recognized instantly that I had found something special. Yoga became a stepping stone into a new routine that filled my life with joy and wellness. I was inspired to become a teacher by the many great teachers I’ve had the opportunity to share my practice with and I love sharing that experience with others. Come join me for a class!

 I teach meditation-based classes as well as vinyasa flow. My classes are accessible to beginners and seasoned yogis alike! I am fascinated by the wisdom of yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, and the pursuit of attaining balance. My classes are inspired by that wisdom and the lessons of so many rich yoga texts throughout history.


 When I’m not practicing yoga, I enjoy running, drinking coffee, wine tasting, cooking and spending time with my family and friends. While I have a passion for traveling, the past several years I have spent more time at home with my wonderful husband Jared and our gregarious little boy Axel, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out my Facebook page for more info…

Tanuja Singh 


I have been practicing yoga for almost all my adult life. I was never satisfied by the usual 9-5 jobs and always found myself missing my practice, so I pushed myself to get a teaching certificate to practice and help myself as well as others. I became certified at the Yoganjali School of Yoga as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and have been teaching classes for over four years since then.


My practice starts with centering and breathing or pranayams and small muscle asanas that are followed by sun salutations and large muscle asanas, ending with a shavasana . I do not make fixed  routines for my class—I prefer to go with the flow by watching my audience and responding to their needs. I truly believe that everyone can make a place and time for yoga in their life; it’s only a matter of discovering that connection between your mind and body.


Yoga has helped with my personal growth, in finding peace within myself and not worrying about what ifs & why nots and coming to terms with the fact that everyone has their own journeys. I like watching my students discover their own inner strength, balance, and growth as they practice with me. I love hearing from students how yoga has helped them improve their lives. I believe yoga is for all levels and that age should not be a limiting factor, which is why I teach different types of yoga for various age groups, including chair, hatha, and vinyasa yoga.


I look forward to continuing this journey and helping myself and other yogis to optimize their potential. Namaste.

Mike Bolander


By day I am an aerospace engineer who works in a government research lab. My job requires thinking about things, writing some of it down, and then maybe writing a computer program to see if it all works.  The funny thing is that I also happen to be a yoga teacher.  My yoga journey started with a book and a set of DVDs with yoga sequences tailored to golfers.  After each practice, I noticed the physical benefits of the practice, but the calming effect of the practice came as a complete surprise. After practicing off and on to the videos for a couple of years, I decided to drop in on my first group yoga class.  I instantly became, and still am, a regular to that class. Over time I began to take classes from a variety of teachers to grow my practice.  This trajectory took me to enrolling in the 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Shanti Yoga School in Dayton, and I completed my teacher training in January, 2016.  Most recently, I received a certification in restorative yoga from Day Yoga in Dayton.


My teaching style is an alignment-oriented flow that incorporates pranayama and typically concludes with yin and/or restorative poses. This balance of movement with stillness is intended to bring the mind-body into harmony.  Focusing on alignment ensures that the pose is done safely, and is also a means to get deeper into the pose by activating the correct muscles. Because there is always something new to learn, I am constantly pulling from my personal experiences with different teachers and utilizing different resources to keep the practice from becoming stale.