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Our goal is to uplift your life journey with inspiration, education, and tools that create a holistic balance between mind, body and spirit and to assist you in finding the personalized inner healing you are looking for!

Janet Nash

MSW, LISW-S, C-IAYT, RYT500, Reiki Master, Interiority Wellness, LLC, Co-Owner & Studio Steward

I am co-owner and steward of Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio. My experience as a yoga teacher and my studies in Buddhist and Hindu psychologies very closely parallel the principles of my classical Western psychotherapy training, in which I have 24 years of experience.


I am a yoga therapist, and received my yoga therapy training with Dr. Ganesh Mohan. I am also owner and operator of Interiority Wellness, LLC at Grace Tree. I take a broad view of healing as not just the absence of symptoms and disease, but foster opportunities for self-knowledge, growth, and transformation through the ancient teachings of yoga. Services include a Health and Wellness Consultation, Mental Health Therapy, and Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction [MBSR] trainings, and Reiki.


I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service and received post-graduate training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy at Fordham. I received additional training from the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in White Plains, New York.


For the past 24 years I’ve worked extensively with clients with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders of all types and most recently for the past 14 years at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the Eating Disorders Program. I live in Liberty Twp., OH with my husband and my kitty.


To schedule an appointment or ask questions about mental health or yoga therapy, reiki or mindfulness training, please contact me at: 

Email: jkn5022@gmail


Telephone: 513-498-7850.


Kim Dawes, spiritual name Ambika, is an E-RYT200 / RYT500, Reiki Master-Attuned and Saraswati Yoga School 300hr graduate. Kim is a fun-loving, passionate and free-spirited yoga teacher inspired to share the gift of yoga after many years of reaping its benefits. 


Kim has a passion for integrating the many principles and history of yoga into her classes to all levels and walks of life. Her intention is to offer classes in a positive environment to allow for growth from the inside and out, while encouraging and empowering students to embrace the holistic benefits of the practice - a balance within the body, mind and spirit! 

Kim has taught many styles of classes over the years including: beginners yoga, vinyasa, yin with reiki, restorative and teen meditation. In her classes, she will guide you to turn your attention inward, set purposeful intentions, and get to know your True Self, while accepting exactly where you are in the moment, the only place life exists. Kim will incorporate themes, essential oils, stories, music, readings and quotes all aligned with the ancient teachings of yoga to help her students build a deeper practice. 

Kim teaches from her heart with grace and acceptance. She truly believes there's a place for yoga in everyone's life. Her hope and commitment is that yoga is more & more accessible to all and to continually offer yoga in a sustainable and meaningful way! A consistent yoga practice can help build a better you, thus one beautiful soul at a time…a better world!


For more information: 

Kim Dawes

E-RYT200, RYT500, Reiki Master

Heather Hewitt

E-RYT200, RYT500, Reiki Master

My journey through the world of yoga began in a community centre while I was in high school, and the practice has been with me ever since. It’s presence in my life has changed, ebbed and flowed, been at times of greater importance than others, in other words it has evolved even as life itself took me on a roller-coaster ride.


After taking a Kripalu training through Cincinnati Yoga School more than a decade ago I began to teach and share the benefits of this fascinating practice. Whilst I have taught in a variety of locations, church schoolrooms, spas, and YMCA’s as well as private homes, I am honored to have found my home at Grace Tree.


I aspire to make my classes a safe place for self-inquiry and exploration, not only of the body through the practice of asana, but also of the mind. In the spirit of scientific investigation we observe our actions, whether physical or mental, in an unbiased manner to determine what is useful. What habits have we acquired that affect the way our bodies move, the way our minds think? It has taken each of us a lifetime to reach this point and we are perfectly adapted to the life we currently lead. We begin to question: what changes might benefit us? Do we need to work harder? Or surrender more? Be kinder? I teach a slower practice, the Yin class being the slowest of all. This is not necessarily “gentle” since this requires a presence, a mindful awareness at all times, an effort of concentration to stay focused. We begin to re-learn how we are actually moving the body, as well as how to relax the chattering mind.


I am a passionate learner, recognising that just when you think that you “know” something clearly, a new piece of information can shift your perspective and completely change your point of view. I have been fortunate to have had access to many wonderful teachers, some well-known, some not so famous, as well as my own physical injuries! I am currently continuing my education in aspects of Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga.


In April 2017, in support of both the countinuing evolution of my personal practice,as wellas my teaching focus, I completed a 12-hour teacher- training immersionin Restorative Yoga. Antonia von Hirschberg and I have now co-created a popular,ongoing series of restorative yoga workshops called "The Art of Doing Nothing", in which we encourage the use of innovative props to support the valuable "practice of resting".


If you have questions or need more details about my classes I can be reached at:

Antonia von Hirschberg

Yoga is a practice, a practice of living in a whole and peaceful way, a practice of balance, of ease, of mindfulness, of conscious breathing, and of moving the body in ways that contribute to good health and wellness.  Living a yoga-inspired life is a constant practice.


I was introduced to yoga in high school and over the years lost my interest and then found it again.  Over the past 30 years, and through many moves, I have been privileged to find many interesting and engaging teachers and, through them, have come to learn how fluid and changeable a yoga practice can be. 


I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio in 2013.  I am Shanti Mom certified for teaching prenatal yoga.  My studies continue with Dr. Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga, in a 7-module program with the emphasis on yoga therapy.  The continued evolution of my training and practice also includes a focus on restorative yoga.  I completed a 12-hour teacher training immersion in restorative yoga in April 2017.  Following this training, Heather Hewitt and I developed an ongoing series of restorative yoga workshops called “The Art of Doing Nothing”, in which we encourage the use of innovative props to support the restorative practice.


My teaching blends gentle yoga, meditation, restorative and yin together to create a safe and nurturing space for students to express themselves, discover their personal strengths, and leave feeling peaceful and balanced.

E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP, ShantiMom Certified, Reiki II


My own personal growth came to me on my 40th birthday when I was given a cane to help me get around after a double hip replacement surgery. The second surgery did some nerve damage and caused a difficult road to recovery.Throughout the long road towards recovery,  yoga gave me back the life I missed.


One of my passions is travel and yoga has helped me regain the strength to enjoy travel again.  I have walked the hill to Dracula’s Castle, in Romania, hiked the jungle trails in Hawaii, and went rock climbing and horseback riding in Wyoming. No telling where my next journey may be.


Along with this beautiful journey, I decided that I wanted to share my story and guide others to learn this beautiful art of Yoga. I have earned my 200 hour teacher training through the beautiful and sacred space of Grace Tree Yoga Studio & White Lotus Home in West Chester, Ohio. During this process, I fell in love with working to inspire and support women during their pregnancy. To help honor the sacred process of motherhood.


 I am a wife to a wonderful supportive husband and a mother of three beautiful adult children. I have been in Cincinnati for 15 years after relocating from Costa Mesa, Ca. Cincinnati has become my home I am a proud Moeller & MND Mom. I love all that our beautiful city has to offer. I hope to help guide you during your practice.

Please contact for your personal journey: or visit

Natasha Kohorst

RYT200, RPYT, Reiki IV


My yoga journey began in 2013 when I started practicing while watching yoga movies in my home. Later a friend suggested that I come with her to a class at Grace Tree. I am so grateful for that invitation and for the beautiful safe space Grace Tree has become for me. Yoga has helped me to find peace within and self acceptance. It's a passion of mine that continues to grow daily. My love for yoga inspired me to want to share what I had found with others so I earned my 200hr RYT through Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio and White Lotus Home.


I believe in teaching yoga from the heart and I aim to help others practice self love and compassion; to focus on inviting positivity inward and loving your true self. During my classes we focus on using breath with movement as we move through gentle warm ups, twists, sun salutations, standing poses and finish with calming poses on the mat. We end in a restful shavasana, inviting peace in the stillness.


I am a wife to a supportive husband and mother of two sweet boys & two silly cats. I have lived in the Cincinnati area all of my life. I hope to meet you soon! Namaste!

Britney Rudolph

RYT200, Reiki II

Licensed Massage Therapist

Debbie Deters

 I am passionate about helping clients improve their quality of life. My care philosophy is to treat each client like I would want a provider to treat myself or a family member, providing the most compassionate and effective care possible.

I offer a Personalized Massage. Massage is not a one-size-fits-all therapy. When you are confident that your therapist knows exactly where you carry your stress, and is familiar with your unique needs, it’s much easier to sink into your massage and truly relax and enjoy.

I am a TMJ Massage specialist and also offer Sound Therapy.

I can be reached for scheduling at (513) 405-0530.

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