Our Roots


Grace Tree Yoga Studio sprouted in 2010 with the desire to provide a destination to allow one to move with the rhythms of life into a healthier place.  It has evolved to become a sanctuary within the community, offering yoga and workshops with the intent to nurture the body, balance the mind, and liberate the soul.  Grace Tree Yoga has been blessed with dedicated stewards over the years who have continued to share in the vision and mission.  It has flourished thanks to the dedicated stewardship, yoga instructors, healers, practitioners and many others who have served our yoga community in this sacred space - not to mention the many yogis that have visited, and many who are still practicing with us today.  We rise by lifting others, and Grace Tree Yoga Studio is a place dedicated to raising the vibration of ourselves and the world we live in. 

Thank you for your stewardship:

Pam, Renee, Betsy, Janet, Victoria, Dan & Laurie

Pictured above is a beautiful sycamore tree we lovingly call, Grandmother Sycamore. She stands firmly rooted on the property at Grace Tree Yoga Studio.  It has been shared that this tree shelters a spirit that is a guide and a protector of Grace Tree and the whole Olde West Chester area.

Our Evolution

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